Experience Nature Together

Your dream is to own a space that creates opportunities for relaxation, well being and connection with family and the outdoors. At Ross Garden Design, we believe gardens are the perfect place for all three to take place.


Impact on Families & Communities

Gardens have a real impact on families and communities. They positively impact relationships and the environment as well. At Ross Garden Design, we want our clients to see their garden as an extension of their home and the means to building family connections to each other and nature.

We believe that Great Gardens:

  • Inspire movement through the space
  • Create feelings as one moves through it
  • Focus on sustainability
  • Are livable and usable including garden boxes so one can appreciate where food comes from
  • Invite you to experience the garden
  • Become a part of the house and living space

Color Renderings

Color renderings done by hand

Art Installations

Art Installations in every garden

Custom Woodwork

Custom woodworking in every garden

Check Ins

Jamie's personal check-ins

Garden Books

Every Project includes our Signature Garden Book

Walk Through

30/90 day walk through after install

Start Making Memories

Share your ideas for the great garden of your dreams.
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