Jamie Ross

Owner & Lead Designer

Landscape Designer

FNGLA Certified Horticulturist

Certified in Best Management Practices Florida Green Industries

Jamie Ross is a graduate of The Garden Design School (GDS) in Boston, MA, one of the foremost garden schools in the USA and Europe. The design courses were mostly taught by the school founders, Moira Farnham and Robin Templar Williams, both highly accomplished and respected international garden designers. Other courses were taught by leading experts in specialized aspects of garden design.

Jamie was on a team of five GDS graduates who participated in a design/build garden for the Boston Flower Show, 2012. The team was honored with five blue ribbon awards.

Jamie is also a graduate of the Wedgworth Leadership Institute for Agriculture & Natural Resources, Class VIII at the University of Florida. She holds a Certified Horticultural Professional designation with the Florida Nurserymen, Growers and Landscaper’s Association (FNGLA).

Raised with a horticultural foundation, Jamie grew up in a small farming community, Corder, Missouri. Her father, Eric Heimsoth, founded an agriculture company, Heimsoth Agriculture & Services when Jamie was a small child. Fifty years later, the company is still in the family and run by her two sisters and brothers in law.

Jamie is a member of FNGLA. She was the local chapter President in 2013-14. In 2010, she was awarded Secretary of the Year by the state association.

Jamie’s Perspective on Great Garden Design

“Great garden design brings families together. Growing up in a small farming community has instilled in me a lifelong love of nature that I want to share with other families”.

Jamie Ross - Ross Garden Design