Design Process

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We will meet with you at your garden site to discuss what you want from your garden. We will assess the site, and discuss with you how and by whom your garden will be used in order to get a clear picture of your needs. We will show you examples of our work and drawings to give you a better understanding of the scope of our work and the design process. We can also provide references and locations of some of our completed work sites you can visit and get a feel for our work.

Ross Garden Design - Landscape Design


After the consultation visit we will provide you a firm landscape design proposal for the design requirements of your garden and the services you would like us to provide. If you accept the design proposal we will move forward with the landscape design.


We will design your garden with a detailed and accurate scaled drawing that shows the location of all proposed site elements and materials plus existing features that are to remain. We will deliver to you a final to-scale landscape design plan and planting plan along with images to communicate look and feel of the plantings and hardscape.

This will involve the following:

Site Analysis and On-Site Design:

Field verification of all existing things (trees, driveway, neighboring homes, architectural features of main residence, solar orientation), and general feel and quality of space and layout the plantings and hardscape.

Hardscape Consultation:

Consult with hardscape contractors to finalize the hardscape plan.

Rough Conceptual Plan:

Based on design program and direction by the owner, create a rough drawing of the garden.


Presentation of Conceptual Landscape Plan and Other Images: Presentation of drawing and images to client and field trip to other sites.

Design Development:

Based on feedback and direction from client create final landscape plan and planting plan.


Once we have completed the landscape design the next step is to procure pricing for installation. This involves contacting all of the contractors, suppliers, and nurseries to get pricing and work schedules.

The installation services include the following:

  • Procuring bids from reputable and licensed nurseries, landscape, hardscape, pool, and lighting contractors to obtain on all labor and materials. Once we receive all of the pricing from the contractors and nurseries, we will present the numbers to you for your final approval.  We work with a small number of trusted landscaping contractors who provide our clients with a high quality service suited to their individual needs and requirements. All plants are sourced from specialist nurseries, which provide strong, healthy plants. Most design details such as benches, trellis, water features and plant containers are specially designed and built to our requirements.
  • Plant inspections to make sure all plants meet the specifications on the landscape plan and are healthy and of the proper quality.
  • On site job management during the installation to make sure the plants are installed properly and in the correct locations.
  • Final walk thru and customized landscape maintenance manual that instruct you on how to care for your new landscape.


Once we have presented numbers that are in agreement with your budget we will present to you a Proposal for Landscape Installation for you to accept. This will provide the details on who, what, when, and how the landscape design will be installed. If this is acceptable we will begin the installation as outlined above.

Construction and planting of the landscape design can be completed in one phase or may be phased over months or years on larger projects. When this work is completed, we will hand over the garden to you, but remain as advisors to steer its growth into maturity.

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